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Do you have a Retirement Strategy? Retirement Planning Seminars and Educational Retirement Workshops by leading professionals.

Welcome to Fortified Retirement

We understand firsthand the questions and fears that go into Retirement Planning. Will I have enough? Are my loved ones taken care of? Can I still live my best life? What if I get sick?

We started our Retirement Planning Seminars out of a pressing need to answer these questions for ourselves. Soon, we saw our efforts paying off in our own lives. We felt the need to share our discoveries with the world. With hard work and a few favors called in, we began our retirement planning workshop series. This retirement workshop eventually expanded to include a Pre-Retirement Workshop. We continue to grow, and the rest is history, as they say.

Our Mission

Fortified Retirement is on a singular mission to provide you with the absolute best investment and retirement news and resources. We strive to keep our seminars free to the public with unbiased information and access to the top professionals in the finance business.

Our secondary mission is to serve as a platform for industry experts in finance and retirement through Retirement Income Planning Seminar Events. We want every retirement seminar to be a bullhorn to the public – the information hub for new and exciting Retirement finance strategies.


The following material is not intended to be relied upon as professional tax, legal, or accounting advice or instruction. It should be used for educational and information purposes only. Neither the information, nor the presenters are endorsed by or associated with any government agency, including the U.S. SSA (United States Social Security Administration). Always receive counsel directly from a professional attorney, accountant, or other legal advisor who specializes in these areas if you have questions or concerns about your particular situation. It is possible that some or all of the information provided here will not be applicable to your unique circumstances. Annuities are a type of insurance product. They are not deposits or obligations of any banking institution, including traditional banks, credit unions, savings and loans, or these institutions' affiliates. They are not underwritten or guaranteed by these institutions, nor are they FDIC insured. Annuities come directly from the issuing company and are backed by that company’s ability to pay claims. Surrender charges or fees may accompany annuities; these will vary by product.