We work hard for most of our lives and look forward to retirement.  We want to be able to relax and focus on things that make us happy during our golden years.  We want to be able to do things we put off while we worked.  Sometimes we want to be more devoted to our family because we have more time to offer them.

But, the closer people get to retirement, the greater the anxiety many feel.  As income from salary goes away, new concerns arise.  How will we pay for healthcare—especially as we age?  Have we saved enough money to retire without adding burdens of stress to simply “get by”?  Will there be enough income to pay for obligations; will we have enough income for vacations or other entertainment?  Do we have, or will we have new debt that will need to be paid off on a fixed income?

These concerns are legitimate, and people who worry about their financial future should attend a free retirement income planning workshop from Fortified Retirement.  This retirement financial planning seminar will help you to understand more about the ever-changing landscape of retirement.  It is estimated that at least 25% of all people who have recently or will soon turn 65 years old will live at least until they are 90.  For many people, the thought of twenty-five years without an income can be intimidating.

As people get nearer to retirement, there are some things they can do to increase their opportunities for financial stability.  People can contribute more to 401(k) and other retirement accounts than they did when they were younger.  Often, rules about investing in 401 (k) plans or other private plans change from year-to-year.  You should learn about some of those changes prior to your retirement.  Diversifications in the stock market, for those who are invested there usually find that investment strategy adds consistence to their investments when things get volatile.  Periodically, there are also changes to social security benefits that are worth learning about to help prepare for the future. Some people can also pay off some bills so they have more discretionary money as they get closer to retirement age.

Attending our financial planning workshop to help retirees plan for their future can help remove a lot of the concerns people may have about retiring.  We can help you gain an understanding about how much Medicare will help you, and other considerations and concerns you may have as a retiree.  A common problem many retirees have is that they often don’t determine how much medical expenses may be as they age.  Our pre-retirement financial planning seminar can help you determine what percentage of your income will likely need to be spent on medical care as well as other things you may not have thought of yet.

Come to a retirement planning seminar at Fortified Retirement, and allow us to help you learn the information that you will need so that you can confidently plan for retirement.  We can give you the tools you will need to create an effective retirement strategy for your life and your lifestyle.


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