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We Can Help with Making Financial Choices when Life Events Happen.

Planning for retirement starts well before the day that you unlace your work boots for the last time. Events during your retirement may also change your plans for the future. Regardless of whether you planned or not – regardless of what happens to you during retirement or not – you can always bet on one thing: Life happens. You need to be prepared.

What are the life events that are most important during your golden years? Let’s take a look at the milestones that may affect you and discuss how you can navigate them into a successful retirement.

The Family Emergency

Although you may have your life together, this does not mean that your entire family is having the same kind of luck. As a senior member of the family, you are looked to for leadership and security. Your response to a family emergency may include financial support that can derail your retirement plans if you are not careful.

You will need a retirement plan that accounts for unexpected emergencies. Fortunately, the right financial planner will be able to assist you in appropriately setting aside funds and keeping your goals on track.

The Early Layoff

If you are dependent on a single income from outside employment for your retirement savings, your plan may hit a jolt if you are laid off early for any reason. Your layoff may occur through no fault of your own – businesses are streamlining and cutting back in order to remain competitive every day. Even with a 401(k) or company options, you may be left out in the cold without the appropriate financial plan in place.

There is no reason that an early layoff should derail your retirement plans. If you have an income, there are ways to renegotiate your allocations to better withstand a sudden shortage. You need to know about certain financial tools and processes, however. A financial professional is essential in these moments to ensure the security of your retirement.

The Retirement Market

You never know what can happen in larger society right before you get ready to retire. You may have a portfolio that loses value because of global events that are outside of your control. There may be a natural disaster that unluckily affects you. The cost of living may rise in the place that you are looking to retire. You need to gather a tally of your assets as well as a way to use those assets to keep up with the cost of living.


The IRS does not play fair, and you never know when you may be the subject of a financial reckoning. This is especially important if you are a small business owner. It can be incredibly difficult to run a small business and stay in line with the ever-changing tax rules that seem to always put you out of compliance. There are ways to ensure that the government does not get in the way of your retirement, however. You need an expert who can protect you and advise you as to how you should move forward.

Medical Expenses/Sickness

As we age, our bodies sometimes fail us. There is very little that an individual can do other than accept the rising costs of medical treatments and prescription drugs. However, a financial planner standing alongside a retiree gives that retiree options. Do not accept the word of anyone who says that you must choose between your health and your retirement.


We never want to look at a worst-case scenario, but things do happen. You may experience a tragedy in your family that affects your retirement. In many cases, without preparation, living family members are left with few options other than to continue working. This is not what your loved one would have wanted. Make sure that you protect yourself and those around you with a competent financial planner who can help you see objectively through any situation.

Along with the above scenarios, there are countless other things that could happen to disrupt your retirement planning. You must be ready for every situation, and you need a strong financial team in order to do this.

Whether you are in retirement or pre-retirement, whether you have had a disruptive event occur or not, you should always be prepared. Come to our free seminar and learn about all of your options so that you can move forward into your golden years fully prepared for anything that may happen. The best defense is a good offense – attack your retirement problems before they occur so that you can move into your golden years with dignity and financial surety.


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