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Fortified Retirement offers Free Seminars and Workshops to individuals approaching Retirement and those already in Retirement, giving a new, innovative perspective on the rapidly changing retirement landscape. Led by the top financial planners nationwide, we offer free public Seminars and Workshops with information on what you need to do to take control of your finances confidently. Our exciting events and Workshops provide you most up to date information, resources, and tools necessary to formulate an effective Retirement Strategy to fit your specific needs.

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Welcome to Fortified Retirement

Fortified Retirement aims to keep you informed of investment and Retirement news so that you can build and secure your future.

Our FREE resources and FREE Retirement Workshops will enable you to prepare yourself for life’s difficult terrain. We cover today’s most pressing topics. It’s not all about X’s and O’s. Go ahead and get started by reading some of our free materials to the right or search for a free event near you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Mission

Fortified Retirement is dedicated to providing unbiased information the public and those nearing retirement. Along with offering free world-class Seminars and Workshops, we also serve as a platform for industry experts of the world of Finance and Retirement to inform the public about new and exciting Financial/Retirement Strategies.


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