Diversification is one of the key terms that you will hear when you attend a retirement workshop. In fact, this simple word can have powerful results when it comes time to fortify your retirement, lower your risks, and maximize your ROI. Through a diversified retirement portfolio you can better prepare for your upcoming golden years. In fact, through the following five easy steps you can begin to diversify your portfolio as soon as you finish reading this post.

Step #1. Keep Building Your Portfolio.
The key to financial stability during your golden years is to keep building your investment portfolio. For example, you can use dollar-cost averaging to remove investment risk by investing the same funds over a set period-of-time. The latter strategy can help you to further capitalize on the age-old strategy of “buy low, sell high,” especially during uncertain markets. In this vein, as you build your portfolio don’t forget to take advantage of employer-matching. For example, many employers offer up to five percent 401k matching, which means that you can more rapidly build your portfolio with little additional effort.

Step #2. Consider Investing In Fixed-Income Solutions. 
Fixed-income funds can lead to long-term diversification within your retirement portfolio. Additionally, fixed-income funds offer the advantage of protecting your portfolio when the market becomes a bit uncertain. Another advantage of fixed-income funds is that they typically have lower fees, which means that you can keep more money in your pocket.

Step #3. Consider Investments That Have Varying Risks. 
One of the easiest ways to diversify your retirement portfolio is to choose investments that have varying risks. With this strategy in mind, remember that as you get closer to your golden years, you want to focus on minimizing risks. For example, the Employee Benefit Research Institute reported that before the 2008 financial crisis an unprecedented 40 percent of 401k holders ages 56 – 65 had more than 70 percent of their portfolio invested in stocks. The latter strategy is far too risky, especially in a market that can easily have peaks and valleys. Instead, you want to focus on diversifying risks throughout your investments. For example, if you choose a riskier stock, then you want to create balance by choosing a low risk fixed annuity investment. Fortunately, a financial planning professional can help you to better understand what type of retirement accounts you should choose, and what investments you should make.

Step #4. Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Generating Guaranteed Income.
From fixed annuities to rental real estate properties, there are countless ways that you can generate guaranteed income throughout your entire retirement. As its name suggests, the beauty of guaranteed income is that it creates a financially stress-free lifestyle regardless of your chosen retirement location. With this in mind, you should still diversify your guaranteed income investments. The good news is that attending a pre-retirement workshop can help you to enjoy the financial benefits of diversifying in the years (and even decades) leading up to your retirement.

Step #5. Attend A Fortified Retirement Workshop.
The final step to diversifying your portfolio is to attend a retirement financial planning workshop. During the retirement workshop you will learn how to maximize your income with minimal effort, discover valuable financial insights, and learn proven retirement income planning tactics that you need to live a stress-free and financially stable lifestyle throughout your golden years. Attend a free Fortified Retirement workshop or seminar to learn how you can effectively lower investment risk while maximizing yields before and during your retirement.  

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