The chasm between an investment and a quality investment is far deeper than people realize – especially those who are just now starting to think about important life events like retirement. If you truly want to make sure you pick more of the latter and as few of the former as possible, there are a number of key things to keep in mind.

Better Investments for a Better Future: Breaking Things Down

When you begin to evaluate investments like stocks for the purposes of retirement planning, one of the most important things to look for is a vision at the heart of it all. You need to be concerned with more than just promises or line items on a balance sheet. Instead, see this type of investment for what it really is: an opportunity to buy into a productive asset in a way that will eventually allow you to enjoy a piece of the profits generated by that business.

The only way to get to that point is to buy into investments that generate actual money by selling actual products and services to customers. You’re not looking for a “get rich quick” scenario, here. For stocks in particular, you want to make sure that the company you’re “supporting” has an actual vision, is backed by strong leadership and promises something real – not hope, or a “nice story” with little behind it.

To continue on the subject of stocks, you also want to make sure that you’re buying into a company with a business model that you can actually understand. If you can’t get a sense of how a business operates and what its plans are, its own customers won’t be able to, either. Sooner or later, those customers are going to leave… taking all of your potential profits with them.

In general, good investment opportunities – whether you’re talking about stocks or bonds or something else entirely – are all about the long game. If you look at an investment opportunity and don’t see yourself participating in it for at least the next decade, it probably isn’t worth your time. Again – it’s not about making as much money as you can as quickly as you can. It’s about laying a rock solid foundation upon which the future of your financial situation will be built – before, during and after your retirement date rolls around.

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