One of the most important things to understand about retirement planning is that it’s naturally a very personal process – probably more so than people realize. Yes, everyone wants to retire “happy” and “comfortable” – but everyone has their own unique definitions of what those two terms really mean. One person’s “comfortable” might be another’s “struggling” – which is why you need to look inward to find the strategy that works for you and you alone.

This is also one of the many reasons why partnering with the right financial planning specialist is so important. They can sit down with you and help you contextualize your decisions through your own personal lens, thus coming up with the right plan of action to follow moving forward.

The Art of Working With a Financial Planning Specialist: Breaking Things Down

To get a better sense of this idea in practice, consider how specific even something as seemingly simple as planning the amount of money you’ll need for retirement truly is.

Generally speaking, most people need between 80% and 90% of their pre-retirement income to retire in comfort. But that’s more of a suggestion and isn’t really a hard and firm rule. Consider the variables at play, including:

  • Any potential health issues that you might encounter, which will be based exclusively on your medical history.
  • Do you plan to keep working, or do you truly want to retire and live a work-free life?
  • Do you travel a lot? Or were you planning on starting to travel once you retired now that you have so much free-time?
  • Will you sell your home? What about your business?
  • Will your spouse continue to work during your retirement and if so, for how long?

The answer to all of these questions will vary wildly depending on the person in question… and a financial planning specialist can help you answer ALL of them in the most complete way given the actionable information available to you in the moment.

Are these things you can address on your own? From a certain perspective, yes. But when the stakes are this high and when you’re literally talking about the rest of your life, why would you actually want to?

If you’d like to find out more information about why a financial planning specialist is such an important partner to have, or if you’d like to learn more about attending a free retirement seminar in your area, please don’t delay – contact Fortified Retirement today!


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